Writing for SAAS/Tech

Global in audience, many technical and SAAS clients require a big brain for understanding technical requirements, and a fresh voice to break down gigabytes of information into easy-to-understand concepts.

From enunciating the brand vision to clearly expressing the offering, the work we do here is often talking to business-to-business audiences,  from SMES and corporates adopting cloud services to manufacturers investing in new technologies.

Again, B2B writing is a niche expertise. It calls for direct, comparative, succinct copy targeting multiple stakeholders in a company through very specific communications such as thought leadership articles, Linkedin, case stories, technical sheets and more.

Our recent projects

Taking the stress out of home loan lending

Rams Home Loans is one of the largest home lenders in Australia. The website is critical to sales, so they called on Big On Writing to help refresh and migrate their content to a new website.

Tackling climate change with energy.

Genesis launched a new content resource on NZ’s low-carbon future. Our global contributors provided articles, videos and imagery making 56% of customers feel more positive about Genesis.

Jazzing up the new website for T & G Global

Having grown up on Jazz and Envy apples we just loved creating fresh, crisp copy for new T & G Global website, along with Tone of Voice guidelines.


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