Content strategy and auditing services

For us, strategy is a must before we start creating content. Whether it’s simply a creative brief or a full process from discovery to strategic recommendations, it’s the blueprint that is critical for our team to have a clear direction.

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Content audit and content strategy

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. Likewise, every content project should start with the groundwork to ensure the foundations are right.

A good content strategy looks at your target audiences, your business KPIs, products and services, and publishing and distribution channels. It dictates what content you’ll need to achieve your goals.

The outcome is a customer experience that is intuitive, logical, effortless, compelling and action-orientated.

Our services can include:

  • A full website audit on what content, per page, to keep or delete

  • Multiple stakeholder interviews to get buy-in with editing decisions

  • Content & Digital Strategy including initial UX wireframe

  • SEO Analysis and Strategy

  • Tone of Voice including cultural nuances

  • Governance

SEO content strategy

For the average website, organic search traffic accounts for more than half of all site traffic. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a powerful and cost-effective tool to hook your ideal customers and showcase your brand to the world.

But great results don’t come from haphazardly chasing high-volume keywords and engineering content purely for Google’s bots. Our strategy puts humans at the centre, working to find the right balance of content that uses great storytelling to engage and convert your target audience. We take on-page, off-page and technical factors into account to craft an SEO content strategy that’s right for your organisation.

Our SEO content strategy services include:

  • Content and SEO audit

  • Content strategy

  • User experience and information architecture recommendations

  • Keyword research and keyword planning

  • SEO content briefs

  • Recommendations on how to optimise existing content

Tone of Voice strategy

Establishing your brand’s tone is crucial to ensure personality and consistency across all touchpoints. Our Tone of Voice guidelines range from full and comprehensive brand guidelines for multiple audiences and channels, to interpretations of existing guidelines to bring your brand alive in the online environment.

The guidelines may cover:

  • Audit of existing materials

  • Understanding company vision and values

  • Brand character and personality

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Guiding tonal principles & values

  • Sample copy - per channel

  • ‘This Not That’ guidelines

  • Terminology

  • Writing workshops

  • Video tutorial

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Our website content writing process

Copy and content writing is about so much more than words on the page. Our high-performance team is here for you at every stage of the process, from strategy to post-project support.


Structure & Audit

  • Business case creation: Getting key stakeholders on board
  • Content audit
    Audit what to keep, delete or create
    Analyse SEO data, journeys & competitors
    Assess UX,CX, tone of voice
  • Project management: Driving WIPs, deadlines & budgets


  • UX, IA and content structure redesign
  • SEO strategy and writing
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Visual guidelines, working with brand/design team


  • Briefs: For each section, and page by page
  • Content production: With a tailored team of digital writers including a Writing Director, digital writers, editors
  • Visual production: Image search, video & animation creation, photography and graphics
  • Project management: Driving WIPs, deadlines & budgets

Sign-off and load

  • Copy revision process
  • Content management system loading
  • Project management: Driving WIPs, deadlines & budgets.

Website go-live


Post go-live

  • Maintenance
  • Testing & optimisation
  • Governance advice
  • Content campaigns & content hubs

Past strategy projects


Zespri International

Westpac Business Base

Hato Hone (St John)

Westpac Australia

NZ Sothebys International Realty

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand

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