Writing for the Finance Industry

Finance, accounting and business are real areas of strength for Big on Writing, having worked on large enterprise projects for some of Australasia's most recognised companies.

Our senior copywriters and strategists have over 15 years of experience in finance, many with client-side experience. We also have writers who are registered financial advisors or have legal qualifications – helpful for navigating the regulatory environment!

But what sets our team apart is that our financial writers are also experts in digital strategy and website copywriting. This is a rare combination that enables us to offer one of the most comprehensive digital financial writing solutions globally.

The benefit to you is that your project will be in capable and confidential hands. Our specialist financial digital copywriters understand the industry, terminology, legal obligations, regulatory environment, and complexity of the business. They will be there from the get-go to ensure your project is successful and your copy is compliant.

Sarah, a financial content specialist, has worked with BOW for over 15 years, and Gary has been with us even longer as our business and professional services expert.

The full content journey, covered.

The projects that we do for the financial and accounting industry are as small and as large as you can imagine. For example, our team of digital writers, strategists and IA experts have been involved in some of the largest website re-builds (500+ pages) and content optimisation projects in Australasia.

We've created full and deep financial content hubs, right from the content audit and strategy through to developing case stories, thought leadership articles, 'Howto' videos, and pulling together information and resources from across the company and their partners to provide a comprehensive hub.

On the Plain Language side, we've completely overhauled 150 customer letters requiring writing, IA, design and a digital understanding of personalising templates. We've optimised the Home Loans sections of enterprise websites resulting in a 48% increase in organic search.

We've written brochures, white papers, web maintenance, procurement documents, copywriting, newsletters - even a Salesforce implementation project for the Customer Call Centre - you name it, we've done it.

Banks particularly have understood the need to be customer centric, and a huge part of this is not only turning technical jargon into a fresh today tone, but more deeply understanding how to make user journeys so effortless they lead in sales. It's about bringing your brand alive online.

Business is in our blood

There is a deep entrepreneurial streak in Big on Writing. One of the directors spent seven years working for a B2B advertising agency in New York, and all of our team members have run their own businesses.

This makes a huge difference. We see the bigger picture. We understand the commercial realities of results. We get growing pains. We know that the language of business is totally different from that of consumer marketing. Waffle won't work, you have to substantiate everything, make it dead simple, and get straight to the point. You are also talking to multiple stakeholders, each with their own pain points.

But, as we always say, business people ride bicycles. They have families. They are human beings. So you need to be able to communicate with them rationally and emotionally.

Big on Writing has worked alongside HR to communicate change programs, work we utterly love doing. We have overhauled government procurement documents, rewriting them in plain language to make it easy for staff and agencies to do RFPs. We've worked on startups that went from nothing to being listed on the NZX.

We've written brand stories and tone of voice documents for multinational clients to address the nuances in language when communicating to 34 different countries. Then we've rolled this tone into a new B2B website.

Our projects are strictly confidential and all of our clients have dedicated teams working solely on their financial business.

We get business because we run a business ourselves. We walk in their shoes every day and have a real understanding of business-to-business advertising.

Our recent projects

Taking the stress out of home loan lending

Rams Home Loans is one of the largest home lenders in Australia. The website is critical to sales, so they called on Big On Writing to help refresh and migrate their content to a new website.

Tackling climate change with energy.

Genesis launched a new content resource on NZ’s low-carbon future. Our global contributors provided articles, videos and imagery making 56% of customers feel more positive about Genesis.

Jazzing up the new website for T & G Global

Having grown up on Jazz and Envy apples we just loved creating fresh, crisp copy for new T & G Global website, along with Tone of Voice guidelines.


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