There are two rules to effective sustainable communications.
1. Know your stuff.
2. Passionately.

We combine decades of communication with technical sustainability knowledge so you can trust our marketing and numbers. But it goes deeper than this. As a company and as people, we walk the talk. We're passionate advocates who live in and love the environment.

“They were terrific at contributing ideas for our Climate Change Hub and delivering quality articles to brief and on time. We could assign stories and trust them to get on with it, which took a big load off our shoulders."

Estelle Sarney │ Genesis
External Communications Manager

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Ben Lott

Sustainability Lead

Ben is CEO and a driving force behind our increased focus on sustainability. He loves wild places, from adventure racing in Fiordland to competing in the world’s longest kayak race through the Yukon and Alaska.

Ben drives performance with clear guidelines and pragmatic decisions. He wants to help businesses become more sustainable; however, through his own leadership experiences, he understands the financial realities and what works in practice. His time adventuring means he’s particularly passionate about environmental conservation and how businesses can support it.

Ben Lott

Nick Pascoe

Sustainability Strategist

Nick’s passionate about using business to drive better outcomes for communities and the environment through brand storytelling. He’s launched innovative new products focused on material sustainability, developed a brand and business case to enhance the environmental value of farming, launched a program to make adventure sports more accessible for kiwi kids, and crafted sustainability communications strategy for banks and the energy sector.

With BOW, Nick is focused on brand strategy and project management. Coming from an engineering background and with past work developing sustainable new products and businesses, he’s both a big-picture thinker and do it right details guy who will see a job through to the end.

Nick Pascoe

Amy Hamilton Chadwick

Sustainability Editor/Writer

A specialist financial and technical writer, Amy has written extensively on sustainability, leading the work on the Genesis Climate Change Hub across topics from the circular economy to degrowth to greenwashing to hydrogen and EVs. Other stories have covered New Zealand’s energy and electricity sectors, funding resilience and thought leadership.

In the public service sphere, Amy regularly writes for the Ministry for Primary Industries across its responsibilities. Sustainability-related subjects include forestry and kauri protection; freshwater preservation and wetlands; sustainable agriculture; and methane emissions. Sustainability has also been a focus of some of her work with Westpac in New Zealand and Australia, including stories for REDnews on EVs, saving power, and sustainable loans.

Amy Hamilton Chadwick

Gary Norris

Sustainability Editor/Writer

Gary has been on a sustainability journey with many of the same enterprise-level corporates for years - in industries including tourism, construction, textiles, financial services, and food.  This typically involves reporting, strategising, editing and recording their progress in accordance with GRI standards.

He’s worked closely with environmental impact agencies and sustainable transformation specialists to help these clients meet their reporting requirements and tease out the often deep and rich sustainability stories within their businesses that they were sometimes unaware of themselves!

Gary Norris

Why us? 

  • Sustainability isn’t a single topic – that’s why we have a range of subject matter experts.
  • As greenwashing becomes the default, our sustainability experts can craft trustworthy content.  
  • Your sustainability message needs to be authentic. We’re Tone of Voice experts, so we nail this.  
  • We do our homework to understand the broader picture of a business, industry and audience.

What we do

  • Sustainability content strategy and writing
  • Thought leadership, content marketing, and articles  
  • End-to-end content hubs development
  • Communications and annual reports  
  • Sustainability and impact reports to GRI standards
  • Website strategy and writing
  • Copywriting – product copy, marketing, sustainability, advocacy  

What we believe in

We’re a group of passionate outdoors people. Whether it’s kayaking, swimming, skiing, riding horses, or exploring remote corners of Fiordland, our spare time is spent in the environments that make New Zealand special. When somewhere feels like home you want to look after it, and that’s steadily led us to spend more time working on sustainability and how businesses can better support the environment, communities, and people.

Our idealism is tempered with a healthy dose of pragmatism. Many of us come from rural backgrounds and understand the critical role agriculture and primary industries play for our economy, communities, and, in many cases, our environment. We believe a sustainable future for NZ involves well-managed and profitable businesses in a range of sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing, energy, tourism, and technology.

Conservation, emissions, and social impact should be factored into the business model and then valued by customers. Positive steps start with people on all sides of a debate understanding the issues and science, and that’s where we come in. We're communication experts, with the knowledge and expertise to break down the complex, eliminate jargon and build trust. With understanding, we can build product value, find business solutions, and come to a consensus on a sustainable path forward for people and the environment.

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