Writing for the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is complex and has a high demand for ongoing specialist writing across all aspects of its business.

We know this because Big On Writing team have over 20 years of experience working for the insurance industry across Home & Contents, Health, Life, Automobile , business and Pet insurance.

It's possibly the best industry to showcase the breadth and depth of our writing solutions. That's because no one writer can span all the types of writing found in the insurance industry.

Customer letters require Plain Language experts. Websites require SEO writers or digital copywriters. Content, such as member case stories, call for copywriters and videographers who can find the emotion in a story. Then there is business-to-business writing to brokers and business schemes, white papers, newsletters, social posts — even proofing is critical and requires a specific, detailed eye.

Our breadth of specialist insurance writers, and our project-by-project ethos, ensures you get the right writer for each unique job and a writing resource you can scale up and  down as required.

From content journeys to customer life cycles

One of the most emotionally rewarding parts of this sector is the proof layer – member claim stories. To get the best stories we often go out ourselves and find the most compelling and authentic real-life members. We've interviewed kiwis on chair lifts, on bikes, on farms and up power poles. We've covered car crashes, cancer, pets eating Xmas pudding, business claims - the only thing we haven't done which is high on our wish list is equine stories.

Since Insurance is highly regulated we involve legal, marketing, sales and product managers early in the process. After filming we write articles, create a variety of internal and external videos from one shoot, create digital ads, social posts - a complete content package.

In addition to member claim stories, we also create a variety of other content to help our clients achieve their marketing and sales goals.

For example, creating a pathway to sales is critical in this low-involvement sector. It starts with having an effortless website, with our team of writers constantly updating IA, UX and refreshing digital copy to adapt to a mobile-first, busy audience. We've done a lot of back-end technical projects to facilitate this process, such as auto-fill forms, along with two large enterprise website re-writes.

Plain Language is also a biggie in Insurance. Our legal writer has tackled T & C documents and helped with new product language. Meanwhile we have done over five projects overhauling up to 150 customer letters in the lifecycle.

Contact us today to learn more about how our team of specialist insurance writers can help you create high-quality, engaging content that meets your unique needs.

Our recent projects

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Rams Home Loans is one of the largest home lenders in Australia. The website is critical to sales, so they called on Big On Writing to help refresh and migrate their content to a new website.

Tackling climate change with energy.

Genesis launched a new content resource on NZ’s low-carbon future. Our global contributors provided articles, videos and imagery making 56% of customers feel more positive about Genesis.

Jazzing up the new website for T & G Global

Having grown up on Jazz and Envy apples we just loved creating fresh, crisp copy for new T & G Global website, along with Tone of Voice guidelines.


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