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As experts in writing, we know exactly what type of writer you need.

We know the difference between a digital writer, a content writer, an SEO writer, a UX writer or a copywriter. We know how important it is that the writer has an in-depth understanding of your industry and can write in your brand tone. We even know who will best fit your culture!

Our experience means you get the right writers for your project so you can hit the ground running.

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Digital writing

Digital writing today for websites, apps or portals requires specific skills. A good digital writer is direct, logical and able to turn complex copy into brutally simple (and we mean brutally simple, copy.)

It requires proactive stakeholder skills, UX logic flow, SEO and IA awareness, and Tone of Voice skills. On top of this, the writer must have deep industry experience, a full understanding of all the components of a website and a visual eye.

  • Websites

  • Portals & interactive copy

  • App copy

  • Microcopy

  • UX

SEO writing

The online world is competitive. Search-engine-optimised writing helps you get found online by your target audience. Done right, it’s a powerful and cost-effective tool to increase sales.

Our well-rounded team begins with strategy, defining the right SEO plan for your business and helping you to identify your audiences, before drilling down into keyword planning and writing for conversion optimisation.

The aim? To help you rise to the top of the right search engine results pages, boost click-throughs and catapult conversions to a whole new level.

  • Analysis, audit & strategy

  • Identifying audiences and trends

  • Keyword planning

  • SEO copywriting

Content writing

Content writing, in our book, is totally different from digital writing.

A good content writer is a storyteller. Our senior content writers come from a journalistic background. They have the instincts of a newshound – prolific at brainstorming ideas, finding compelling angles, writing for SEO, and using their extensive connections to get top-drawer interviewees. 

A particular expertise of ours is creating content hubs, and populating them with stories from a full team of content writers reporting locally and globally on your industry niche.

  • Articles

  • Content campaigns

  • Content hub creation

  • Regular blog content

  • Content marketing


Copywriting, in the traditional sense, is a term reserved for a more persuasive, creative and shorter style of writing than digital or content writing. Our copywriters can help with ad campaigns, straplines, brand stories, product descriptions, eDMs, pitch proposals and naming conventions, along with scripts for videos and animation. 

  • Advertising campaigns

  • eDM campaigns

  • Letters & templates

  • Complaints responses

  • Technical content

  • Naming and product copy conventions

  • Plain English & legal

  • Lead magnets

Plain language

Our team know Plain English so well, we edited The Plain Language Bill! Many of our Plain English writers have some legal training and have a fantastic understanding of grammar – but they also understand today’s relaxed tone.

They turn complex terminology and legal jargon into easy-to-read language, for all cultures and ages. Yes, even the most boring policy documents can be transformed into readable, helpful documents.

  • Procurement documents

  • Terms and conditions

  • Insurance letters

  • Policy documents

  • Writing for accessibility

  • Public education campaigns

Technical writing

Technical writers have big brains on them. They are curious and can decode even the most complex industries and boffins. Whether it’s for food science, healthcare, manufacturing or finance, our technical writers are able to interview your subject matter experts and explain it in layperson’s terms.

  • Sales sheets

  • Training manuals

  • Call centres

  • User guides

  • White papers

  • Specialist product descriptions

  • Reference guides

  • Operating procedure guides

  • Journal articles

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Our Tone of Voice Process


Tone audit

  • Review any strategic documents
  • Collect and analyse all communications
  • Client brand profiling session, including archetypes
  • Key stakeholder interviews if required
  • Diversity & global considerations
  • Report on findings

Tone strategy

  • Develop your unique Voice Print
  • Develop sample copy
  • Present to key team / wider comms team
  • Collate input & revise

Tone toolkit

  • Practical examples ‘Before’ and ‘After’ 
  • Demonstrate ‘This Not That’
  • Specific channel specific guides
  • Diversity guidelines
  • Design brand guidelines
  • Cheat sheet one-pager

Tone workshops

  • Internal and external training
  • Writing refresher on trends/rules
  • Writing in your Tone of Voice
  • Zeroing in on specific areas i.e digital writing / customer segments
  • Leave behind posters and aids

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