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Rams Home Loans is one of the largest home lenders in Australia, with over $80 billion in loans under management. In fact, home loan lending is all they do. Hot off the heels of Big On Writing working with parent Westpac Australia, RAMS engaged the BOW team to help refresh and migrate their content to a new website.  

BOW was proud to play an integral part in the site refresh. Working together with the outstanding RAMS team and their design partners, we helped create new engaging, rich, optimised content for RAMS, with a simple, central message, ‘Home loans are what we do”.


As anyone who has embarked on the home loan approval process knows, it can be daunting – particularly for first home buyers or the self-employed. We had a clear mandate to help change that perception for RAMS’ “home loan intenders”, who;

– needed a little more application help

– may have been turned down by their bank

– were self-employed

– were investors or rentvestors

– were building or renovating

– needed a lender who made it easier to  apply, not harder.

Our (RAMS and BOW) single-minded focus was on removing the fear of application and making our “why RAMS” narrative compelling. As a dedicated home loans provider (it’s  all RAMS does), we had to do a better job of communicating why RAMS made home financing easier, particularly when the customer didn’t fit neatly into the  easy-to-approve; home lending box. There were compelling reasons RAMS was a great option for the groups above, but we weren’t telling the story well enough.

We also had to address application reluctance brought on by uncertainty. We had to overcome mindsets such as, “If I complete the lead application form, am I committed  to RAMS?” and “I’m not sure what we need, I don’t want to look stupid”.  

Then, we had to apply some digital smarts. The brief called for crafting the copy carefully to optimise each page of the site, with a particular emphasis on added value products and services that set RAMS apart in the home lending space. We had to appear at the top of the search  results, to get the chance to tell our story.


Collectively, we reimagined how the RAMS site should look and feel. We made RAMS human and accessible, we demystified and decluttered. We identified with RAMS customers on their terms. For first home intenders and others, we made it easy to engage, simple to read and compelling to act without fear. Having an actual ram as the brand talisman really helped too!

We made it clear a RAMS Home Loan Specialist wouldn’t give up at the first sign of a difficult application. They’ll work with the customer through the process to help find a way forward.  

We stressed as an applicant, you won’t be considered a number, in fact, we’ll get to know you and your unique situation to find the best finance options for you. You’ll be listened to and heard. And once you had a RAMS Home Loan Specialist, they were yours, one person you could call or contact who knew your circumstances.

Our revised content showcased the expertise of the brand and our people, and our page construction and clear content made it easy to understand options and easy to get started.

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"BOW did an excellent job. Their attention to detail and ability to capture RAMS brand and tone of voice was exactly what was required. The team were a pleasure to work with, they were professional, very responsive and collaborative throughout the process. We highly recommend BOW for anyone seeking to improve their website content.

Kim Hogan - Rams Senior Manager, Digital

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