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T & G Global had already embarked on its website journey when it came to Big On Writing. The brief to themselves was to create a new website for the global brand, which resonated better with their consumers, growers, the communities they touched and their own people. They had engaged designers, had an idea about navigation, and had drafted some content themselves. But being the smart people they are, they realised they needed expert help to refine their IA, content (it was too long) messaging, and Tone of Voice, and that’s where BOW came in.


BOW worked alongside the T & G team to help refine their value proposition, “growing healthier futures,” and bring it to life. Because the website was a priority, we quickly developed a working tone of voice for the content that supported growing healthier futures. The content was upbeat, simple, natural, “hands in the soil” refreshing yet positioned T &G as a global leader, without arrogance. We also introduced best-practice principles of digital writing, developed clear user journeys, and made sure guardianship of the land and our people was paramount.

Once the website was completed, BOW then helped T & G craft the key mindsets that expressed the culture of the organisation, and faithfully represented who T & G Global is.  We then provided a roadmap for exactly how those mindsets could be expressed through tone of voice in different communications.


A fresh, new, easy-to-navigate website, with clear purpose, relatability, and consistent tone of voice, that let the essence of T & G Global shine through. Along with a universal suite of articulated mindset values for the business and step by step instructions as to how to write to these mindsets in any communication.  Oh, and a very happy client.

Fun Fact

The founding partner of Big On Writing, Sue Worthington, started her first job with Turners & Growers Auctions at 16 years of age.

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