Westpac Australia

Re-imagining the home loan journey

In 2021 Westpac Australia partnered with BoW to re-imagine what the home loans section of the Westpac.com.au could be. The Big on Writing team worked with Westpac's specialists, to create a new UX on page experience for customers and completely refreshing the rich article content that supported Westpac’s product suite. 

The BoW team included 8 writers, 2 content SEO specialists, a Writing Director and Digital Account Director. BoW’s deep 'page interrogation’ content audit process was applied to every article page; each was optimised to be relevant and meaningful and answered search intent. In the process we aligned Westpac’s tone of voice across the home loans section, so it read seamlessly. The results show a significant spike in home loan applications as a result of customer engagement with the new content - and there is still more to do.

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