Westpac New Zealand

In 2021, we rewrote 500+ pages onto a new secure platform, with fresh frontend design and CMS, in record time.

Our project team included six financial digital writers, two designers and six CMS producers, along with our specialist financial journalists who wrote fresh articles for Westpac’s newsletter, REDnews. The result? A dramatic uplift in engagement and acquisition, with a 10% reduction in the bounce rate. 

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 “Big On Writing have been an absolute saviour for us this year. We were pinned against the ropes a few times with the website revamp and BoW really went above and beyond to help us out. I really value the amazing relationship between BoW and their staff and my team, it’s one that goes far beyond a transactional business relationship.”

– Talan Chen | Chapter Lead, Digital Experience Transformation | Westpac NZ


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