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Genesis has a leading role to play in the country’s transition to a low carbon future. It has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 1.2 million tonnes by 2025 and reducing emissions from generation by 36%.

As part of this, Genesis wanted to contribute to the national discussion as the country plots its path to being carbon zero. Chris Mirams came to Big On Writing wot work alongside their small comms team to develop a Climate Change Energy Hub that would report on, share information and provides comment on the role energy has to play in the transition.

This would be done across three pillars – Your Country, Your Business and Yourself. The target audience was business owners and leaders, sustainability minded NZers, government officials, employees, business partners and industry stakeholders.


Climate change is a wide-ranging subject awash with commentary. The challenge was to be very disciplined in our stories to develop an energy niche. This required using BOW journalists that had a specific understanding of energy and sustainability. We also wanted a global conversation, so we pulled in contributors from the UK.


Phase One:

The first stage was to develop a Content Strategy and very tight Style Guidelines to ensure the writing followed the niche.

Big On Writing then worked closely with the Genesis team to launch a foundation of of 20 articles under three pillars: Your country, Your Business and Yourself. For the next 18 months (to date) we have regularly contributed up to 4 stories per month, powered with SEO and analytics, for this specialist topic.


From launch to date, the hub was getting an average of 50% open rate, and 36% click through, well above the norm. The top performing article had an average 26-minute read and the hub has already garnered 1,500 subscribers to the newsletter - all resulting in a Hub that made 56% of customers feel more positive about Genesis.


There are only solutions with Big on Writing. The team brings high energy, thinks outside the square and always has the client’s objectives top of mind. Whatever the task and goal they will deliver. They have a great network of communications professionals and your project will be better off for having involved BOW.”

Chris Mirams - Group Manager, Media and Coms | Genesis

BOW were terrific at contributing sustainable ideas, organising regular WIPs, and delivering quality articles to brief and on time. We could assign stories and trust them to get on with it, which took a big load off our shoulders. The stories were extremely well-read, a reflection of the journalistic quality we required. We would recommend BOW to anyone looking for the creation of quality sustainable content.

Estelle Sarney, External Communications Manager  | Genesis

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