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How Firstgas is working toward a net carbon zero future

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Natural gas contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, so a plan is in place to transition to renewable gas for a range of applications. Firstgas needed to communicate the work it’s doing to research and fund the uptake of green hydrogen, biomethane and renewable LPG.


The Firstgas marketing team and Big on Writing collaborated to develop a content plan that covered a range of topics – from explaining the basics of green hydrogen through to how biomethane is generated by Auckland’s food waste. The content also included consumer information on using gas effectively to create a warm, dry home.

Several articles have been delivered each month, on time and to a fixed budget. Big on Writing comes up with ideas, researches and writes articles – many of which are designed in a form that allows them to be broken up and used across social media platforms.


Firstgas launched a blog in late 2022, populated in the majority by content created in conjunction with Big on Writing. The stories and snippets have also been used on social media, driving engagement and interest in Firstgas’s work and a better understanding of how our economy will be decarbonised by 2050.

Engagement on Facebook has increased considerably since the blog’s launch and posts get regular conversations started about renewable energy options in Aotearoa

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