BOW content team wins with kayak, cycle, run and shoot!

 Our high-performance copy and content team just won the Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka Triathlon over the weekend!

Benjamin Lott was fast off the start on kayak because well, he’s always in a hurry. He put on a respectable 2-minute lead, and then Duncan Stewart mopped up after Ben because he’s our Ops guy and that’s what he always does. He increased the lead by another minute and handed the baton over to Malcolm Jennings, a builder who put the hammer down and nailed the run.

Overall the time was 4h 25 minutes and the BOW team won by 2.5 minutes. But it was the runner-up that got all the press attention. Their team name was ‘Destroy Ben, Duncan and Malcolm!’

Stunning photos from content shooter, Lennon Bright.

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