The term ‘revolutionary technology’ just got real for the humble valve

The BOW team have been up close and personal with true industrial innovation, having just completed a fascinating web-writing project for Joyce & Howse and their client, Hammerforce.

In what was “the most challenging technical digital writing we’ve ever done,” claims BOW Writing Director, Gary Norris; our BOW team crafted simple digital copy to explain revolutionary valve and actuation IP that can outperform traditional combustion, hydraulics or electrical systems.

Writing for a global business-to-business audience is our forte

Look under the hood and the common valve is used everywhere.

Exceptionally scalable, tuneable, and compact, the patented valve technology can be used for the very large or the very small, and in all operating conditions. We’re talking anything that uses force; pistons and launchers or anything that requires precision, high speed flow control.

The writing had to be succinct and on-point

It's technology that’s safer, cleaner and more efficient than combustion, explosive caps or batteries, and it’s coming to industry near you. 

Like the video says, we combined our knowledge.

The project involved our BOW Digital Strategist Angela Fagan, and Writing Director Gary Norris working alongside the web designers at Difference Design, and the Hammerforce technical team, to craft the complex UX journey. Our BOW writers then massaged intricate technology propositions into pithy digital copy. With the website copy completed in record time, we then fed our knowledge into Special Group’s video creation, which has amazing graphics.

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