Your pre-xmas checklist

The last day of work for 2023 is fast approaching so here's a checklist to clear the decks in your business so you can hit the eggnog on Christmas Day and head into 2024 knowing you've got this!

1. Clean up your inbox

Yeah, all 5,000 of them, Ben! Here’s a quick filing cheat: Create a file and dump all the emails over 3 months old into it. Bet you won’t look at them again but they are there if you do. And on Xmas Eve, 2024...delete the folder!

2.Rationalise your subscriptions

With over 30 writers on board, our productivity app subscriptions rack up. Just last month we saved $2,000t by deleting redundant subscriptions! Sure it's only $10per person. But that's over 4k a year, and 20k over 5 productivity apps.

3. Sort your shared file system

Weirdly, for someone with curly hair and more on the "Chaos" spectrum than the "Control" spectrum, it does my head in when files aren't in the right place. Delete duplication. Archive completed work.

4. Create a checklist of 3 things to improve your content in 2024

While your brain is still in work mode, write down three things you’d like to nail on your first few days back in 2024. Maybe it’s writing that blog post you’ve been planning, or updating your LinkedIn profile. Then, when you return with post-holiday-brain-mush, you’ve got a ready-made to-do list.

5. Make a plan with your accounts/CFO

Get all the bills in, make sure clients have accepted the invoice, and ensure it is slotted for payment. Otherwise, you lose a few weeks.

6. Book your airfares for the next three months

We fly so regularly that we always book three months ahead on flexi-refund. Domestic flights from Queenstown - to anywhere - are insane after Christmas.

7. Get your reading list for Christmas

How scary if you end up on a remote beach with no cell phone reception and no books? There are only so many days of "Patience" you can play with your child. Want some ideas? Some of our writers are also accomplished authors so we asked for their favourite reads - they picked some crackers.

8. Choose a new skill to learn

January is full of ‘new you’ vibes and optimistic enthusiasm. Use this momentum to start learning a new skill – pick up a new language, or study a new piece of software. You never know what might stick and where it might lead.

9. Focus on your health and wellbeing

These are the only two weeks in a year where the work phone isn’t constantly ringing. Shove it down the back of the couch and use this time to do something for your health.

When I was young someone told me a wise thing: every 2kg you put on over winter makes it 20kg over 10 years! So I always get it off before Xmas (okay, maybe a little bit goes back on again in that weird week between Christmas and New Year, but you get the idea).

But here’s the most important thing….

10. Have a great, great Xmas break

There’s always the first week back at work to do all this! Merry Xmas from Sue, Ben and the Big On Writing Crew.

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