Clever interactive content slides National Party to victory


An interesting fact you may not know. In New Zealand, all television and radio media is restricted until six weeks before the election date. So what you get is this fascinating media model where digital leads the campaign a year out from the election - and what that breeds is content innovation!

For example, this year, we trialled manual and autoplay digital sliders, which were hugely effective. On launch, the homepage takeover manual sliders not only created engagement with voters but also the press gallery (anecdotally, we heard editors were playing with it).

Meanwhile, the autoplay sliders cut through in small space, creating a mesmerising brand awareness bag of digital tools.The overall effect was to kick off a mnemonic device that ran across the whole campaign summarising the National Party political strategy in a slide: working vs broken.

In doing so, it also employed kinaesthetic learning, where the viewer has to make a physical choice. This increased the chances that they would remember their choice when they went into the voting booth.

The concept ran through the entire advertising campaign, from digital auto sliders and digital videos, to television commercials and launch billboard.

After a blanket ban on filming in public spaces in Auckland, the production moved south to Garston where the Coffee Bomb put out the blue carpet!

The art of the slider was creating a perfect 'Before' and 'After' effect. Nothing could move an inch. Ever tried doing that with a child and a dog?

The sliders were emotionally engaging, but also hit home with voters on their key pain points.

The campaign was an instant hit with voters, gaining 800,000 impressions and a 0.30% CTR on Stuff’s Home Page Takeover onStuff. The 15’ Economy video delivered a 90% VTR and Law and Order slider a staggering 97% VTR!  By Voting Day on October 14, 2023, the total digital campaign, including tactical policy ads, had reached 2.39 million voters, with 15 million views up to 50% and 10.9 million views (100%). In the end the party focused on the main issues, so healthcare and education wasn't featured.

The team, dubbed the most successful in NZ political history, have now conclusively won four political elections and the End of Life choice referendum (65%).

For more insights , view the full National Party case story here.

CLIENT: The National Party

CAMPAIGN DIRECTOR: Jo de Joux, Chris Bishop

AGENCY: BOW (Big On Writing)

CLIENT SERVICE: Benjamin Lott  & Vanya Piacun

CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Sue Worthington & Glenn Jameson


FILM COMPANY: Moonshine Films



POST PRODUCTION: Toybox production

MEDIA: Rainmakers

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