My AI Journey: De-jargoning the mother of all security surveys

The higher you go in business, the curlier the tasks get (hence Sue's hair). Faced with a turgid 112-question security review, copywriter Sue Worthington pulled off a slick AI trick to translate it into Plain English.

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I have filled out plenty of legal contracts in my time, but recently I was thrown the mother of all tasks: completing 112 security questions for a client review. The problem wasn't around compliance, rather it was that I couldn't understand the questions – me, a copywriter who is blonde only due to hair dye!

Each question was jargon-filled and long-winded. The sentiment was good, but the syntax was terrible.

I suffered through a few questions until I finally had a 'Hold my beer' moment and thought, 'Let's throw this into ChatGPT and have it rewrite the questions in Plain English so I can understand them!

Can you run us through how it works?

The first part of this is ChatGPT 101. I simply downloaded the whole questionnaire, threw it into ChatGPT, and asked it nicely to simplify each question (AI is trained on behaviours so it does a better job if you are polite - really).

Have a look at the demo here

This seems straightforward, but trust me, when you have 112 questions, it saved me a lot of time. Yes, there was still a bit of curation to ensure I fully understood the question, but not bad

Now, let's crank it up...

Having cracked the questions, I realised I needed to ensure our suppliers also complied. So, I then wrote an extensive, relevant prompt, using the guts of the security questionnaire as a basis, asked GPT to turn it into a legal contract, and hit the GO button. 30 seconds later - Kapow!

But this wasn't just a box-ticking exercise. There were several actions we had to take to be compliant.

So again, I resampled the security questionnaire and asked it to create a to-do list, then prioritise the top 10 to-dos! 10 seconds later - Kapow!"

,And finally I created our own security policy using the questionnaire and best practice policies (searched through GPT) as the backbone of the policy.

How can this be used in a business?

Every business receives draconian regulatory documents to fill out – and if you're extremely unlucky, you may face a lawsuit. Sure, your IT guy or lawyer is familiar with this jargon, but as a business owner, the responsibility falls on you to comprehend what you're signing.

This tool helps any CEO create an to-line executive summary.

Additionally, there are hundreds of PDFs sitting on a company website that pose a significant risk of being outdated. Overhauling them is a thankless and expensive task.

By pairing one of our legal writers, finance writers, or industry expert writers with and chucking it into a secure AI programme, you can use the same methodology to complete this time-consuming job much faster.

What's the human genius?

AI is a good assistant, but you always need an experienced supervisor-come-teacher to guide it, check it doesn't make mistakes, or ensure it doesn't chuck in a few lies. As a writer, I needed to create a thorough, well-thought-out prompt and then curate or comprehend the AI answer to ensure it didn’t miss out on an important legal disclaimer.

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