My AI Journey: Hop-growing writer toasts AI

Lyn McNamee lives in Garston, grows locally famous hops on their sheep farm, writes for BOW and, at night, sits down over a cold beer to experiment with Chat GPT.

Check out her video demo here

I’ve always loved tech and envy people who truly understand how all the cool stuff works. So, when everyone started talking about AI and ChatGPT, I jumped on board and started playing.

Although there are newer and more powerful models around,  I use ChatGPT3.5. It's still pretty amazing, and I've found s many ways to use it personally and professionally. And you can't beat free!

So what do you use it for?

Check out this Canva presentation, which shows seven ways I’ve used ChatGPT this year.

ChatGPT can’t handle images, videos or audio, but it’s a whizz with words in many languages. Ask it questions, use it for research, learn a language, or simply have a chat.

 How can this be used in a business?

There are so many ways. One is to use it as an idea generator and for creative inspiration – for example in marketing campaigns or sparking ideas for product development. Think of it as an extra partner in the team.

 What's the human genius?

ChatGPT is only as good as the prompts you give it. As human partners, we need to provide enough detail and say precisely what we need to get the best responses. You’ll find that chatting with it sparks your creativity, and you end up coming up with more ideas or angles because of the discussion.

We need to be discerning, too. AI can make mistakes, so we need to notice when what they’re saying doesn’t seem right. Double-check with other sources rather than simply assuming it must be correct.  

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